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 nytt ljus 

nytt ljus

I made a story focusing on toys and stuffed animals that I cherished when I was small at the theme of childhood memory.

ordlösa i skogen / nytt ljus / nytt ljus 

The story is in a three-part structure, because I wanted to make it all Swedish like something like a magical spell by only children. Just as we once had such a thing.

幼少期の記憶をテーマに 小さい時に大切にしていたおもちゃやぬいぐるみに焦点を当てた物語を制作。

無言の森 ordlösa i skogen / 新しい光 nytt ljus / 秘密の夢 nytt ljus




art direction,object making : Yumi Arai

photographer : Cosmo Yamaguchi

model : Anna Juhlin

music : inspiration from Tara jane o'neil "where shine new lights"



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