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 forest creator 

forest creator


Artist in Residence

"spirituality of forest,cycle of rebirth"

Sami and Ainu, there are indigenous folk in Finland and Japan. There are several common points in the faith in the spirit that lives in the natural world.

Both of them are "Bears" are forests, mountain gods, there is a ceremony to send the bear's spirit to the kingdom of God.

Bears come down to the human world and give their own flesh, people appreciate grace of nature.

Pine trees are considered a bridge connecting the human world and the world of God, people pray the bear's skull on a pine tree.

And the eternally continuing cycle that the bear who climbed into the sky comes down to the human world again.

For me, the first understander in my childhood is a bear (a stuffed toy) and I can recall old memories.

Memory also has cycles with no life and death, forgetting memories means  "death" and recalling means  "life" .

material : natural things from Finland(naavaparta,shelf fungus,linen)cotton fabric,old rug,wire...




そして天に昇った熊がまた人間界に降りて来るという 永遠に続くサイクル。



photo by Yolenth van den Hoogen



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