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YumiArai solo exhibition at TOTAN
『 in a room, over-round-found  
​    2021.5.27 Thu - 5.31Mon


photo by cosmo yamaguchi



~English below~


今年の春 地元日立、O'keeffeで開催しました

in a room, over round found展示巡回をいたします。





新作のzineやアートピース販売の他、Anais Karenin をお招きしオンライン配信での映像作品の

コラボレーションを予定しています。 (イベント詳細は後日改めてご案内します)






荒井佑実個展「in a room, over round found」at TOTAN


  11~20時 ( 土・日10~19時 )

谷中トタン / 東京都台東区谷中 3-9-23



This time I will held the touring exhibition of 『in a room, over round found』at O'keeffe,

my hometown Hitachi,in this spring.

Next place,TOTAN is small house where people once lived before.

 It's the place changing by morning,day and night lights like creatures.

The atmosphere will change from white space of O'keeffe even same theme as "family",

same place as "house".


Selling new making zine,art pieces...and scheduled collaboration online event with

Anais Karenin.(event detail will announce another time)


Please wait if you can see 6 shoes in entrance while taking a walk at Yanaka.

We will take measures against the corona virus such as disinfection and ventilation,

but please do not force,thank you. 


Yumi Arai solo exhibition 「in a room, over round found」at TOTAN

date : 2021.5.27(Thu)-31(Mon)

          11am-8pm(Sat&Sun 10am-7pm)

place : Yanaka TOTAN / 3-9-23 Yanaka Taito-ku ,Tokyo



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